Have Passport. Will Travel.

We are the Shaw girls (Lou, Kiki and Shaw Mom), and we like to travel. It doesn't always involve our passports, but we keep them in our purses, just in case.

So, I’m not quite used to this whole travel blogger thing, and I COMPLETELY forgot my good camera on our jaunt to the Ft. Worth Stockyards. So, sorry about the lousy iPhone pictures.

I’m a card-carrying Democrat (no really…I have a card), but I LOVE Ft. Worth, and the horses, boots, knives, whiskey, and tattoos. If you ever visit, be sure to go to the White Elephant Saloon. There’s some debate as to its place in Ft. Worth history (and by that, I mean, the bartender says it’s the oldest bar in Ft. Worth, and the boot guy down the street says he’s full of it), but it’s cool as hell, and the local beer is pretty darn good.

Of course, visit Sundance Square too, which is the modern city center, but nothing makes you feel like you’re in Texas more than trying on boots, hats and holsters.